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Leather wallets may be elegant but can they really fulfill the demands of your fast-paced lifestyle? Design-wise, leather wallets are fairly adequate; it all boils down to style preference. But when it comes to the features that matter, that’s where the problem lies.

With the advent of technology, thieves are getting craftier and more creative. It only takes a few seconds for them to wipe out all of your hard-earned money

That’s when the Metal Gear™ Slim Wallet comes in!

  • Extremely compact wallet
  • Minimalist and ultra slim
  • RFID blocking
  • Aluminum and carbon styles
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 30-Day Return Policy

Shipping Notes: US: 3 to 8 days after shipping. International orders: 10 to 30 days (depending on country) after shipping.




The Metal Gear™ Slim Wallet is a minimalist, RFID-blocking wallet. The main cardholder uses elastic to expand to hold up to 12 IDs and credit cards. The typical leather bi-fold gets packed with faded receipts and unnecessary cards, resembling something more like a suitcase than a wallet. The Metal Gear™ Slim Wallet is minimalist without being limiting. It’s about carrying less but always having what you need.

EXTREMELY COMPACT WALLET】Forget about bloated traditional wallets. The Metal Gear™ Slim Wallet can hold up to 12 credit cards and 9 bills. You can use it as a credit card holder or a money clip both.

Slim Wallet

MINIMALIST & ULTRA SLIM】 The elastic bands present on each side further add to the compactness, which can hold tightly even 1 card firmly. Our Metal Gear™ Slim Wallet perfectly fits into your front or back pocket and does not protrude unlike conventional ones.

Slim Wallet

RFID BLOCKING】 It provides full protection against all sorts of digital theft attempts. The design attaches to one signal blocking interior lining with premium quality.

Slim Wallet

ALUMINIUM AND CARBON STYLE】 The carbon and aluminium material makes this wallet scratch-less and durable.

Slim Wallet

IDEAL GIFT IDEA】 You can gift this minimalist wallet to your loved ones and they will surely remember you forever. Gift box included. We give a bonus to every customer.

SHIPPING】 US: 3 to 8 days after shipping. International orders: 10 to 30 days (depending on country) after shipping.


Learn more about RFID protection here.

Pattern Type


Item Width

6cm (2.4 inches)

Item Length

9cm (3.5 inches)

Item Weight

0.15kg (0.33 pounds)

Model Number


Material Composition

Metallic / Carbon Fiber



19 reviews for Metal Gear™ Slim Wallet

  1. D***m

    Being driving for work all the time, i spends a lot of time in the car seat or sitting in my office. Most of the regular wallet will not put in my front pant pocket comfortably. Well this one certainly do the job for me! The wallet isn’t much bigger than the size of a credit card. There is room for 16 cards (credit cards, driver licnese, health insurance card etc.) and the money clip on the outside to hold some small cash. I kept the cash just for emergency or for some stores that doesn’t take credit cards. The card holder is net and compact,strong elastic band with real forged carbon fiber. but still easy to access the card you want to use. With the RFID blocking , I felt much safer than my regular wallet, Now, I am not worry someone can steal my credit card info when I line up at the cashier line inside the stores or when someone too close with me inside the public transportation anymore. At least I know that my credit card info will be safe.

  2. K***n

    I’ve had it for a week. I like it. The amusing part about the wallet is it’s weight. There’s no way to be prepared for how light it is. Then when you add a dozen credit cards, the cards and the wallet don’t seem to weigh much.

    The money clip is great. Buy this!

  3. V***i

    This is what I have been looking for. Very elegant and easy on the pocket. Carried all my cards and a great bonus for someone who spends over 280 days in hotels is the ability to put my hotel key at the money clip for easy access. No more digging into wallets. So far, I already dropped it on rough concrete and it survived without a scratch. If you are on the fence, I say get it and you won’t reggret it. I approve this wallet.

  4. V***h

    I let this thing collect dust for a few months and I’m kicking myself for not using it earlier. Yeah, it’s a little bit of a pain to get cards out, especially if you want just one. But, I find it way more comfortable to have this in my front pocket – with about 8-10 pieces of plastic and some cash – than a traditional wallet. Whether you fold bills in half or quartered you can get a decent amount of cash on board…unless you find yourself always with a wad a 1s.

    Durable finish so far (nice carbon-weave) and no chips around the edges. The only failure point I’d be worried about are the elastic bands but that’s what makes it work so well. Highly recommend this one.

  5. Customer

    I wanted something small I could keep in my front pocket during vacation. Being in crowded locations a back pocket wallet made me uneasy so I purchased this one based on the reviews. With it in my front pocket I could easily check to make sure it was with me with a quick slap of my hand when standing up and feel I didn’t bring attention to it in crowds.
    The wallet did everything I needed it to do. In one hotel they used room keys you just held up to the reader (not inserting into a slot) and the card had to be over half way exposed before it was read.
    Inserting the room card in the front was easy since the interior plate was beveled. The thumb cutout at the bottom, used to push the cards out, also let me see the color of the top and most used card so I didn’t have to slide it up to make sure I had it with me. The interior never scratched the cards either.
    I did carry some paper cards and sandwiched them between two other plastic cards to insert them.
    There is elastic on three sides and it is outside of the plates (wider) so cards were not rubbing on them continuously prolonging the life of the elastic.
    The money clip easily held seven or eight folded bills securely. I’m not a fan of money clips as all of your cash is exposed while getting to a particular bill. A wallet hides the cash while you leaf through them to find the bill you are looking for but no one else can see your fortune.
    Tip: I always sort my bills with the smallest ones in the back so others can see my supply of ones and not the larger bills facing me.
    All 14 screws were tight upon arrival and remained tight after our return.
    The edges were a bit sharp but a light rub with the wife’s nail file for less than one minute took it right off.
    I have went back to my regular wallet as I need to have more things with me than on vacation but will use it again during on our next adventure.

  6. F***n

    I purchased this wallet to try out. Other people I know have purchased the same type of wallet at a much higher price. Coming from a traditional leather wallet, I was not sure I would like this, so buying a much less expensive one to try seemed to make sense. Well, have had it a few weeks now and I can honestly say I really like it. The elastic that holds everything together is still a bit stiff and getting used to using this type of wallet has been interesting. The frame on this thing is very nice. I’m not sure what you would get for the extra money that others have paid. So far, so good.

  7. Customer

    I really like the metal wallet. It’s a bit hard to open at first, but you get used to it. I’m not sure why it comes with a tool though. It’s convenient if you have cards that you don’t want to get bent, but sitting on it’s a pain in the butt. I like it and gave it as a gift. I like the holographic 3d design on the back. It’s great for a person on the go who doesn’t need to carry too much.

  8. J***o

    I was concerned this would be a bit thick and that the carbon fiber detail might look tacky, but overall this wallet holds a typical handful of cards very well and efficiently, even with the included hidden compartment. The hidden compartment can hold a key or a few loose objects, like paper clips or memory cards, fairly easily. Dismantling the wallet doesn’t seem very useful overall, but you do get a nice tool to do it if you like.

  9. F***a

    I tried using this money for my cards and money but the elastic is so hard to open the wallet to fit your cards in. plus it doesn’t have the same feel as a wallet im used to. but for someone looking for something durable and small this is a good fit. i recommend it to others not for myself is what im getting at. its a really well made product that will last a long time.

  10. M***y

    This is a great wallet and a great deal. It seems like there are a lot of companies selling wallets with new takes on an old thing. This one does that for a pretty low price. Similar wallets like this one go for way more and look the same. It’s been a great wallet and is definitely sturdy. Would make a great gift. I like the color and I appreciate the money clip. Very low profile build with plenty of flexibility on space.

  11. A***a

    I’ve been looking for alternatives to the back pocket wallet for a few years. Tried the phone case wallet combo but found myself sometimes leaving it at home if charging the phone. Someone I know got the more expensive Ridge version which was outrageously expensive but seemed to fill the niche I was looking for. Found this as recommendation and for the money I thought I would give it a try. About a week in and so far very happy. The trick is keeping the cards you use regularly at the front so you don’t have to fish through them all.

  12. D***o

    Very cool looking wallet, RFID blocking, and holds a lot of cards, and retains elasticity when cards are removed to hold remaining in place. (I have 12 cards…drivers license, credit cards, gate card, insurance, ect.). Also very nice, metal, money clip

  13. G***r

    I got a little envy of my brother in law with his Ridge wallet, but that was more than I wanted to spend. I was able to add multiple cards and despite the product description saying it holds 5 bills, it can hold more, even when folded 2x. This wallet is very slim and feels solid, both with the casing and the elastic band, but it does take a bit to work the elastic. Happy with my purchase

  14. M***l

    Nice credit card holder with money clip. It is a bit difficult getting the cards in and out but I am getting used to it and they are getting easier to remove and put back.

  15. A***s

    yea don’t bother ridge wallets
    it took a week to get used to
    money clip was good
    money clip on max carries about 1200 dollars in hundreds
    fits 6 cards comfortably without shuffling through all your cards like a jackass
    it’s better than ridge wallet. how do i know?
    my friend bought a 100 dollar ridge and i got this
    LOL peace

  16. Customer

    Wasn’t very impressed with it. It is a smaller design but hurts to sit on in your back pocket.

  17. E***s

    I recently lost my wallet in a movie theater, so I decide to buy this wallet. the wallet is compact, yet it’s durable. It offers a strong tension to hold around 5-6 cards. The cut out makes sliding cards very easy, but I do find it a bit too hard to put 1 card out when I have 7-8 cards in there. The clip keeps my money bill tightly as well as some other business cards and receipts.

  18. A***z

    Previously I had just an elastic band for a wallet. It worked, but I never could tell if I actually had my wallet. This has a great feel too it. It opens and closes well, but is tight enough that there is no way anything could fall out. The clip on it is nice too in case you want to ensure it is attached to your pocket. So far it has held up well and I get a lot of compliments on it. Takes a bit to get used to it since you need to pinch it just right, but I’d buy it again.

  19. Customer

    I’ve had this for a week and am 100% happy with it. It’s quality construction, great functionality, very cool looking. It’s an adjustment going from a traditional leather wallet carried in the back pocket to this format and carrying in the front pocket. But, I don’t notice it and it’s so much better than sitting on it in my back pocket. You do have to get used to extracting cards from it, but it gets easier the more you do it. The clip securely holds cash. I have about 10 cards/id’s, etc. in it – no problem. If you want to try this type of wallet, you can’t go wrong.

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