Car Headrest Hook

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Platinum Headrest Hook


Have you ever turned a sharp corner while driving, and your groceries fall out of the bags? Now there’s an ideal way to organize your mess and clutter- our strong and convenient Magic Headrest Hook. Installation is simple, and it can take up to 75lb in weight! It can be installed in any SUV, truck or car.

Platinum Headrest Hook


Do you ever find yourself struggling to find space for groceries in your car?  Have you ever had problems with items rolling out of their bags while driving? This universal car back seat hook solves these problems.  Our metal car headrest hooks are specially designed to hang groceries, clothes, umbrellas, handbags, water bottles, kid’s toys, baby supplies and pretty much anything else you can think of.

  • The rotatable design means you can store groceries in the front or the back seat. They are also small enough that they can be hidden when not in use.

Platinum Headrest Hook

19 reviews for Car Headrest Hook

  1. A***L

    It’s handy and does the job but it is also very light weight where it can easily be knocked off the head rest.

  2. R***k

    No more bags sliding off the street at stop lights.

  3. G***i

    I like these for holding grocery bags in the back seat. They are made of steel and do not bend to the weight.

  4. E***v

    I love these!

  5. R***n

    Love it!

  6. K***v

    These really worked well for a recent roadtrip where we were living out of the back seat of the car! They kept various bags up and out of the way with easy access from the front seat.

  7. A***v

    So convenient, sturdy and helpful.

  8. S***T

    Works great to hold my purse while driving and shopping/grocery bags. Just have to remember to switch it to the back side of the head rest when a passenger rides!

  9. S***d

    The shape of these doesn’t fit well with my seats especially facing forward. Also the soft vinyl tip covers come off easily so after locating a lost one in my car I hotglued the tips back on. How long this will last is anyone’s guess!

  10. F***d

    This item has solved a problem I had. My purse or bags no longer dump out onto the floor of my car when I brake slightly hard.

  11. A***n

    This doesn’t fit on the front seat like Inwiuld have liked to hold my purse but works on the back side of the front seat.

  12. T***a

    No special packaging but none needed. They fit my Altima headrest perfect. I’m enjoying the heck out of not seeing my purse slide off the front seat when I have to hit my brakes due to an idiot driver.

  13. N***y

    Fantastic for grocery bags. Very strong. Not junk. I also like that it’s not bawdy plastic. Unintrusive

  14. E***v

    These hooks are a good idea, well executed. They’re sturdy enough, holding a bag of potatoes with no problem. They’re small enough to be inconspicuous when not in use so I’m leaving them in place. And there are four, more than enough.

  15. D***w

    These come so handy for hanging hats, purses, sweaters so they are not getting dirty or walked on in the car. Great little item for your car, I got two pair for me and a pair for my friends birthday.

  16. S***a

    They do the job but aren’t as thick as I thought they would be. The tips are a bit sharp.

  17. A***j

    I’m no longer laying my grocery bags on the floor. I bought a few extra packs so purse and my daughter back pack aren’t on the floor of the car either. 🙂

  18. M***n

    I am very happy with this product

  19. D***n

    So far I like this choice in hooks. I just got them today so they are under trial.

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