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This Adjustable Space Rack is the organizer that fits perfectly in your cupboards! Organize your cabinets to fully capitalize on your cabinet’s vertical space.

The shelf is 5x stronger – holding up to 40 extra pounds, and also has a ‘non-slip’ surface so bottles won’t slide around.


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Our Adjustable Space Rack is a great invention for space management and kitchen cabinet storage. Its unique design enables you to adjust the spices and pantry organizer since it is made to expand or contract to fit any size cabinet. Additionally, Our deluxe shelf can be adjusted to as narrow as 7.5” to as wide as 17”. The depth of the shelf is 10 3/8”.

Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

Organize Your Spices

Organize Your Nail polish

  • Efficient Use of Vertical Space: Standard cabinet designs poorly use vertical space above stored items. Our useful Adjustable Space Rack brings that space to use while giving you easy excess to each of the stored spices.
  • 5x Stronger: Large spice racks can hold up to 64 spices thanks to its sturdy new design which make it 5 times stronger than other shelves. It can hold up to 40 lbs.
  • New Non-Slip Surface: Now with this new grey rubber “non-slip” surface of the shelf organizer, bottles do not slide around on the shelves. It helps items stay put.

For instance, When your spices are organized it is a lot easier and also quicker to discover the ones you are looking for and return them to their very same place for the next use. These racks are flexible, too! Obtain the ideal width as well as height, expand it to match any size cabinet thus giving you full control of the dimensions.

adjustable spice racks

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9 reviews for Adjustable Space Rack1

  1. E***b

    Keeps my cupboard organized and easy to find and grab any spice. Easy to install. Wish it came in black.

  2. F***b

    It was a little nerve wracking putting this together as you have to push pretty hard to get the legs in. It doesn’t fit all the way across my cabinet either, but its good enough. It cured a heck of a mess and makes it easier to see now so we dont keep purchasing duplicates.

  3. I***a

    This works just fine but it’s a nightmare to assemble and get it right!! Without help I would never have been able to put it together correctly. It’s sturdy and does hold all of my spices as I have 49 bottles!!! I needed a large size and this did it. Did 4 stars only because of the assembly problem that took quite a while to fix and fit.

  4. O***m

    Product is perfect for what I need it to do. Fits just right, is more than sturdy enough, and has made my absolutely nightmarish spice cabinet look awesome. No more duplicate spices going bad in the back of the cabinet! It’s not at all difficult to assemble. Watch the videos, all of them (they’re short) before you start opening the parts bags. Otherwise it’s easy to get intimidated by all of the extra pieces.

  5. H***n

    I finally got tired of searching for the right spices in my cupboard and began searching for a solution. My spices are in a 16″ wide upper cabinet next to my stove. I love a particular brand of spice and will buy containers and refill bags to refill the bottle. My cabinet was over-flowing. Everything in the attached photo along with about 20 refill bags were piled in this area. With the Spicy Shelf I was able to fit all my spices on the racks along with things in the middle and on the bottom. I relocated the bags that are not used but to fill the containers when empty to the shelf above so the majority of my bottles are visible! It was easy to put together and adjust the size. I love the finished organization!

    Just a note on assembly… it was a lot of pieces but after unwrapping everything it took less than 30 mins to assemble and install. What took time was pulling all my stuff out of the cupboard and the organizing it all back in. I was done in less than an hour start to finish will all spices on the shelf.

  6. B***o

    I bought some of these about 3 months ago. As you can see from the photo, the shelves are full. They’ve held up well and I’ve not had any issues with them. I didn’t find these hard to assemble at all. Now, if I hadn’t read the instructions all the way through first, there are some things that could’ve tripped me up. So read the instructions all the way through first before starting to assemble, don’t be overly aggressive during assembly (they’re plastic, if you go all “incredible hulk” they’ll break -duh), and you should be fine.

    There are several different assembly options. The shelves come with parts for all the different types of assembly options, so know up front you probably won’t be using all the parts. These shelves are easy to put together and install, but you need to read through all the assembly directions first, so you can decide which assembly option is going to work best for your situation. Then I would suggest going through the parts and putting aside the parts you need for your specific assembly option before you start to assemble.

    I put all the extra parts I didn’t use into a gallon ziploc bag along with the assembly instructions and put them in my home office closet. That way if I decide at some point that I need a different shelving setup for my spices, I’ve still got the parts to change the shelves.

  7. E***y

    This is the greatest invention everyone can use this in their cabinets. I used mine in medicine cabinet, everything is at eye level and within view no more digging around looking for something.

  8. V***a

    It’s really made my spice cabinet much easier to see what I actually have. It’s plastic and it’s a slight bit flimsy, but it’s what I expected it to be. Just make sure you put the leg stabilizers on. I almost missed that step and it really did make a difference. When I opened the box I was worried, there were a lot more parts than I was expecting to see and I was a little overwhelmed at first (and I assemble stuff all the time). But really most of the stuff are parts for various options to make big enough for any cabinet sizes. It includes 2 different size legs for both shelves. And it includes the hardware to mount them inside your cabinet instead of using legs. Overall it’s what I hoped it would be and has worked out well for me.

  9. Customer

    I never write reviews- I’ll keep it short and sweet for you- BUY THIS IF YOUR MEDICINE CABINET OR SPICE CABINET IS A MESS!!! I’m soooo impressed! I’m glad I bought 3 thinking I was going to give some away as Christmas gifts (gifting under $50 anyone?) because I used them ALL! Planning to buy some more for before Christmas.

    At first the assembly looked overwhelming since there weee screws ( I was looking for a quick assembly)- but then once I started to tackle the job, I realized quickly that the screws are there ONLY IF you want to attach it to the walls of your cabinet- I think that’s a cool feature. It took me maybe 7 minutes to snap everything in and measure it to my cabinetry and it fit PERFECT!

    See pics! I’m in organizer HEAVEN!

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